Security Camera Japan has developed a compact security camera to ensure the security for all the regions in the world. We have developed upon the customers review and demand from the developing countries like Asia and African region to secure the places. We know that the upgrade version of the security camera has lots of options like wifi or internet connection, 24/7 hours monitoring system, alarming system and also recording and video quality. But the new compact security camera is beyond it`s natural options.

Significant data of Testing`s security camera showing how low consumption of W, A and V


Click for security camera  Specification security camera has  a very simple advantages over the present security camera in the market. 


  • No need any Monitor
  • No need to firmware update hassles 
  • No need any Hard disk
  • No need any Long wire
  • No need any manpower to operate
  • No need any extra room for instruments
  • No need any worry about Hard disk crash or hot
  • No need to loose any valuable instruments during disasters

Click on the pdf file to get details explanation of our advantages … PDF File 

 Click the video for quality test