Flexible Solar Streetlight

For the first time in the world Kens. co has installed amorphous solar on wooden or galvanized poles with maximum space. Two categories are available Type A ( 4w) and Type B (6watt) Kens. co is using the lightest controller and super thinnest solar sheet on a streetlight.  




Types of Flexible Solar Streetlight:



                     Type A                                                       Type B

Spectacular  Brightness with  Low Watts:

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Specifications of Solar Streetlight version:

Less WeightMaintenance CostThicknessZero Cost of Cleaning DamageWarranty
400gm Zero1mmLess dust absorb Not easy to damage as crystal PvMore than 10 years

16w Solar Sheet

Item Normal Output Max V Voc Dimension Weight
Amorphous solar sheet 16w 13.3V

Lead Acid Battery

Battery Type Capacity Charging Voltage Dimension WeightOperating TempSystem Voltage
Valve regulated Lead Acid 12v20Ah


LED Light

LED PowerNo of LED FluxInput VoltageLife of LED
18 pcs318lm
60,000 Hrs
6W27 pcs470lmDC11v-DC14v60,000 Hrs

Type A & B Streetlights

TYPE Solar Sheet Controller Box
Battery LED LightPole TypeOther Materials
A16w Amorphous
BC-10A Controller
12v20Ah Lead Acid4w (18pcs LED)(wooden/Galvanized/Concrete)(Fuse Bulb, Fixing Belt, Screws)
B16w Amorphous
BC-10A Controller12v20Ah Lead Acid6w (27pcs LED)

(wooden/Galvanized/Concrete)(Fuse Bulb, Fixing Belt, Screws)

Advantages of Flexible Solar Sheet :

Global Experience:

Kens. Co; Ltd is not only contributing to the Eco environment but also enhancing the manpower skills in Africa. Due to Zero maintenance costs, it is easy to train any class of people to promote their personal skills which will help to make strong economic growth in developing countries. We are one of the leading technology transfer companies from Kyushu Island, Japan to Africa. We have installed flexible solar streetlights under  GGP, and ODA projects as well as some UN projects in africa.