About Us

Nobuhiro Kawaguchi was the 3rd generation of his family who acted as a president of Kawaguchi Steel Industry Co., Ltd., a roof design & construction company found in 1930. After he joined, he designed lightweight solar panels & obtained a patent for a special mount. He is  promoting the renewable energy in Japan & the electrification of rural areas in developing countries such as Africa.

He established Kens.Co;Ltd in March 3rd, 2013 as well as GOOD ON ROOFS in 2018 to expand his idea in Africa. His business model was highly evaluated and won several recognized competition in Japan. That is the spotlight as a company which will helps to achieve SDG`s for Africa. He did solar project in more than 10 African countries. Most of his project was aim to provide solar power to the non electrified schools in Africa. Our main vision is “LIGHT UP AFRICA” with GREEN ENERGY FOR EDUCATION.

Kens.Co; Ltd has experienced to work with  GGP (Grassroots Human Security Projects), ODA(Official Development Project), UN organization, JBIC(Japan Bank of International Corporation), IOM, JICS(Japan International Corporation System), JICA, JSB( Japanese Supplementary Budget), Counterpart Project over 10 years. 

Kens.Co; Ltd has won several awards for contributing to great development in renewable energy sectors of Africa with a dynamic business model. Also, one of the prominent contributors in Africa from Kyushu Japan.

Managing Director of :

  • Kawaguchi Steel Industry Co; Ltd ( Roof Construction Unit, Japan ) 
  • Kens Co; Ltd, Japan  ( Project Management Unit) 
  • GOODS ON ROOF, Benin ( Operation Unit) 
  • GOODS ON ROOF, Japan   
  • Creative Response – Social Innovation School Program Advisor
  • Former President – Tosu Junior Chamber Industries (JCI) 2004