Portable/Compact Solar

Rechargeable LED Lantern 1800mAh  :       

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5.4w solar & 1800mAh LED Lantern

Description Capacity Dimension Weight Temperature
Amorphous Solar sheet 5.4w/5v L500mmW250mm
t 1mm
140g 0-60
High Bright-6hrs
SOS-30 hrs
1800mAh D75*H45mm 85g


Rechargeable LED Lantern 5200mAh  :     

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10w solar & 5200mAh LED Lantern

DescriptionCapacity Dimension Weight Temperature
Amorphous Silicon 10w/5v L915mmW250mm
t 1mm
240g 0-60
Super Bright-9 hrs
Medium- bright -50-60hrs
5200mAh D85*H75mm 180g

A portable solar system with 23000mAh Power Bank :



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Portable solar system with 23000mAh Battery Bank

Description CapacityNominal Output Charging Time Dimension mm Weight
Amorphous solar sheet 16w 16w 12v L888W360T1 800gm
Lithium 23000mAh DC9v/12v/16v/
USB 5V*2 port
16w Solar 13Hr
AC adaptor 5Hr
W124×H185×D19.5 72gm

A compact solar system with 3300mAh power bank:


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MaterialDimensionWeight(kg)Nominal Output
Amorphous SiliconL454×W166 t=10.92.8W/DC5V

16w Solar Sheet

Item Normal Output Max V Voc Dimension Weight
Amorphous solar sheet 16w 13.3V

Various Applications


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Luz Solar has a unique advantage over the crystal solar panels in the market with its outstanding performance. Kens.co is dealing especially with flexible solar for the most convenient way of use in any situation like disasters or emergencies and mostly for rural areas/villages. Max 80 grams weight with Lithium battery has categorized with a compact and portable solar system. Solar sheet warranty for about 15 years. Flexible, Bendable, Washable, Moveable, Rollable etc key merits of such amorphous solar sheet.