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Success in Africa

Kens.Co; Ltd is not only contributing to the energy sector but also has an impact on the social and economic to fulfill SDG`s goal of Africa. Just see how our LLCS ( LED Lantern Charging System) works to gain SDG`s goal in African as we implemented in Benin. Click PDF to see our supply record. 
























Year Country Facility
2023DRC (GGP)GS Acadex School
2022A. Uganda (UNDP)
B. Burukina Faso (UNDP)
A.Refugee settlement areas - Adjumani & Obongi.
B. CEG Borodougou & Dafra youth IT Center
2021A. DRC Congo (Counter Part).
B. Burkina Faso (JICA)
B. YAGMKOUDOGO Primary school
2020A. Burkina Faso (GGP).
B. Burundi (GGP)
A. Tanghin Dassouri, Museum, School.
B. Gitezi School solar Light
2019Burundi (IOM)
LED Lantern solar system
2019A. DRC Congo (JICS).
B. Benin- GOR (Pilot)
C. Rwanda (Pilot)
A. LED Lantern solar system (Ebola virus).
B. Jonkore Elementary school
C. Mugina community
2018Benin (Crowdfunding)Jonkore Elementary School
2017A. DRC (Pilot)
B. Brazil (Pilot)
C. South Africa (GGP)
A. Streetlight
B. Streetlight
C. Orlando Children's Home Solar system
2016A. Kenya (IOM)
B. Kenya ( Pilot)
A. Street Light & Compact solar.
B. Kitui, Makueni - University & Hospital
2015Nigeria (GGP)school. clinic, Police station (Kabo Community)
2013Guinea (Pilot)Conakry



Burkina Faso UNDP 2022 – CEG Borodougou & Dafra Youth IT Center 





GGP Project DRC 2023 – ACADEX School



Yagmkoidogo school in Burkina Faso under JICA feasibility study project in April 2021



Grand Prix Winner 2020 by Forbes Japan &  Kyushu Mirai Award 2019




 TICAD7 2019 – President of African Development Bank & Prime Minister of Mauritania



Compact & portable Solar System to UN organization IOM Kenya & Burundi in 2019






GGP project 2020  – Schools, Museum at Tanghin Dassouri in Burkina Faso   



Rwanda 2019A pilot project at Mugina Community 




GGP project South Africa, 2018- 4.5kw CIGS solar at Orlando Children’s Home 




Crowdfunding project 2018- Inoue Japanese language school in Benin  





 Clinic, School, Police station & streetlight at Kabo community, First PPP project- Nigeria 2015 






JKUAT University Kenya and Kitui and Makueui area.





Technical assistant training through our project to African countries.